What Control Panel Software Do You Use?

Windows Shared Hosting

AccuWebHosting provides WebsitePanel control panel in Windows Shared Hosting plans and cPanel in Linux Shared Hosting plans.

Windows VPS Hosting

With Windows VPS, we offer WebsitePanel 2.1 and Plesk panel as control panel. You can opt for either of these control panels at the time of placing your order. If you wish to install a control panel later, please submit a support ticket from your client area. While WebsitePanel is FREE of cost,  the Plesk Control Panel attracts licensing fees. Please refer to the following URL to know more about licensing cost of Plesk Control Panel.

Plesk Panel Licensing Cost

Linux VPS Hosting

We offer cPanel and Plesk panel (both as addon) with Linux VPS Hosting plans. cPanel will cost you 12.00 USD / month while you can check Plesk panel licensing cost from the above URL.

Control Panel Demo

For WebsitePanel 2.0 and cPanel demo, you can refer to following URL

cPanel and WebsitePanel Demo
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