Is 100 Mb/sec bandwidth means unlimited bandwidth? What is the difference between 20 TB/month and 100 Mb/sec? You will have following two types of options to select bandwidth for your dedicated servers:... CIDR, Subnet Masks, and Usable IP Addresses CIDR Subnet Mask Total IPs Usable IPs /32 1... Can I get Managed services for my Dedicated server? Yes, you can purchase Managed service for Dedicated server. It will cost you an additional... Can I install Microsoft office on my Windows VPS/Dedicated Server? Yes, you can install Microsoft Office on your server. We provide Windows VPS/Dedicated servers... Can I use my own OS license on dedicated servers? No, we do not allow our customers to use their own license key in dedicated server configuration.... Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Dedicated Server Don't focus only on low prices. Don't underrate security. Choosing the wrong location. Not... Do you block any ports from dedicated server? Yes, we block the inbound traffic network wide on the following ports: Port 23 (Telnet) Port... Do you guarantee that provided IP addresses are not blacklisted in any SPAM RBL list? Yes, we provide only whitelisted IPs to our customers. However, in case, if you find that any IP... Do you offer OpenBSD OS for Dedicated Server? Yes, we offer OpenBSD OS for Dedicated Server. Get Dedicated server Do you offer dual stacked dedicated servers? Yes, we offer dual stacked dedicated servers (servers, that has support for both IPv4 and IPv6... Do you provide Hardware Firewall in Dedicated Server? Yes, we do provide Hardware Firewall with dedicated server. For more details and quotation, you... Does self managed dedicated server include the backup service? No, self managed dedicated server does not include the backup service. It is chargeable. You can... How To Place Dedicated Server Order? This is a video tutorial about selecting an appropriate configuration for your dedicated server... How many free IP addresses are provided with Dedicated Server? With dedicated server order, we don't offer free IP addresses. The block of 5 IP addresses will... How to connect to Linux Dedicated Server through SSH from Windows? Today, we will guide you on how to connect to Linux Dedicated Server through SSH from Windows. In... I am Unable to Send Emails But I Can Receive. How Do I Fix It? Many times you would see emails arriving in your mailbox perfectly but you would not be able to... I wish to have graphics card with server. How can I get it? VPS Hosting Virtual Private Servers don't exist physically, and hence graphics cards cannot be... Is it possible If I pay appropriate one time charge for Windows OS licensing in Dedicated server rather recurring monthly charge? No, it is not possible for us to provide you one time bill for Dedicated server OS licensing.... Is it possible to install only Microsoft Exchange 2016 server on dedicated server? Yes, it is possible to install only Microsoft Exchange 2016 server on dedicated server and manage... Is our all Dedicated servers support IPV6? Yes, all our Dedicated servers support IPV6. Microsoft Exchange Server Licensing Cost Here are the Exchange licensing options, and associated prices. Exchange is licensed per... The Benefits Of Second Hard Drive Inside A Dedicated Server 1. Increase storage space 2. Use seprate hard drives for Windows OS and data storage. 3.... What are the benefits of dedicated server hosting? Benefits of dedicated hosting for business: Flexibility scalability security high... What are the security and backup options offered in dedicated server? Firewall & Antivirus We do not offer any pre-installed antivirus software or DDoS protection... Which is better for the gaming server, DDR3 or DDR4? DDR4 is well suited for the high-speed game. It consumes very less power. And the most important... Will you replace dedicated server drives in case of drive failure? Yes, we will replace dedicated server drives at no additional cost. We always recommend RAID 1 or...
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