How to create a Backup in Plesk?

Navigate to the section labeled "Websites & Domains" and select the option for "Backup and Restore". From there, proceed to the "Back up" feature.

Within the "Back up" section, you have the option to choose the specific content you wish to include in your backup. It is important to note that domain configuration is automatically included in all backups.

Additionally, you have the ability to exclude "Mail messages" and/or "Databases" by unchecking the respective checkboxes.

In the "Store in" section, you have the option to change the storage location for the backup. By default, backups are stored on the Plesk server.

If you have set up remote storage, you can choose to store backups thereby selecting the appropriate radio button.

Under the "Type" section, you can choose the type of backup by selecting the corresponding radio button:

  • A "Full" backup includes all the data you specified in step 2.
  • An "Incremental" backup only contains files that have changed since the last backup was created. Incremental backups are faster to create and require less disk space compared to full backups. However, to restore an incremental backup, you need to have the corresponding full backup and all previously created incremental backups.

Note: If you do not have any backups, the first backup created will always be full. For subsequent backups, you can choose between full or incremental backup types. If you selected only "Domain Configuration" in step 2, you can only create a full backup.

The backup is now prepared for creation. Before proceeding, you have the option to adjust various settings:

  • Add a note regarding the backup creation in the "Comments" section. These comments will be visible in the Plesk interface and can assist in distinguishing between different backups.
  • If you wish to omit log files from the backup, check the box labeled "Exclude log files". This action can help reduce the storage space required for the backup.
  • To exclude specific files or directories from the backup, check the box labeled "Exclude specific files from the backup". Enter the relative paths to the directories or files you wish to exclude in the provided field.
  • If you would like to receive an email notification once the backup is completed, check the box labeled "When a backup task is completed, send a notification email to". Ensure that the email address next to the checkbox is accurate.

Press the OK button to initiate the backup creation process.

Afterward, you will be redirected to the Backup Manager screen under Websites & Domains, where you can monitor the progress of the backup creation.

The duration of the backup process may vary depending on the size of the selected content during step 2.

Once the backup is successfully generated, it will be accessible in this location.

By carrying out this step-by-step guide, you will be able to generate a manual backup in plesk panel.

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