How to enable 'Load the user profile' for a website in Plesk panel?


In the context of Plesk and web hosting environments, the "Load User Profile" setting is a configuration option for a website's application pool.

This parameter is part of the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) configuration.

When you enable the "Load User Profile" option for an application pool, IIS will load the user profile associated with that application pool.

The identity can be a specific user account that the application pool uses. Loading the user profile includes initializing environment variables, registry settings, and other user-specific options.

Below steps to enable load user profile:

1. Login Plesk panel, article for your reference, how do I login to plesk control panel.

2. Go to Website & Domains > Under the domains > Hosting & DNS > Dedicated IIS Application Pool for Website

3. Under Dedicated IIS Application Pool for Website, click on the "Load the user profile" checkbox.

4. Scroll down and click on Apply and Ok.


In this article, we have seen how to enable Load the user profile for a website in Plesk panel.When this option is enabled, IIS will create a user profile for the account associated with the application pool. This is useful when applications running in the pool require access to user-specific settings or configurations.

You can also keep it disabled, IIS runs the application pool without loading the user profile. This can be more lightweight in terms of resource usage but might cause issues for applications that depend on user-specific settings.

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