How to delete emails from SmarterMail?

SmarterMail is an email program made by SmarterTools that you can use on the internet. It helps you handle your emails and has tools to send, get, and save your email messages. It's user-friendly, has filters to stop spam, and supports different languages.

Why is it essential to remove the emails from the SmarterMail?

Deleting emails from your SmarterMail webmail is important for a few simple reasons:

Free Up Storage Space: Your email account has limited storage. By deleting unnecessary emails, you free up space for new messages, attachments, and data.

Organize and Declutter: Removing old or irrelevant emails helps in keeping your inbox organized, making it easier to find important messages and reducing visual clutter.

Enhance Security and Privacy: Deleting sensitive or outdated emails minimizes the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches. It helps safeguard your personal and sensitive information.

Improve Performance: A cluttered inbox might slow down your email system. Removing unnecessary emails can improve the performance and speed of your email client or webmail interface.

Prevent Accidental Actions: Having too many emails can lead to accidental deletion or overlooking important messages. Regularly cleaning out your inbox reduces the chances of mistakenly losing important information.

In simple terms, deleting emails keeps your inbox clean, your account more secure, and helps it run smoother and faster.

How to delete emails from SmarterMail?

There are two ways to delete the emails from the SmarterMail.

Method 1: Deleting Emails Using SmarterMail WebMail (Recommended)

Did you know that one email with attachments can take as much space as 1,000 emails without attachments? To free up space, it's best to delete the big emails.

Here's how you can delete emails in SmarterMail WebMail:

Step 1: Log in to your WebMail Service.

Step 2: Sort your emails by size using the "Sort" button. To do this, we'll sort from largest to smallest. This way, the biggest emails taking up the most space will be at the top.

Step 3: Select the emails you want to delete. Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and click on each email. Then, click the "Delete" button.

In SmarterMail, the "Delete" function and "Delete All Messages" perform different actions:


"Delete" refers to removing selected individual messages or a specific set of messages. When you select one or multiple emails and click "Delete," only those selected emails are removed from the folder they are in (such as the Inbox, Sent Items, etc.). This action allows you to delete specific emails that you have chosen.

Delete All Messages:

"Delete All Messages" is a function that removes all the emails within a specific folder or mailbox. This action erases every single email in the folder without individually selecting them. It effectively wipes out the entire content of the chosen folder (e.g., all emails in the Inbox, Sent Items, or any other folder where this function is applied).

Step 4: A pop-up will ask if you're sure you want to delete the selected emails. Double-check to make sure you haven't picked any important ones by mistake, and then click "Delete."

Step 5: The deleted emails will be moved to the "Deleted Items" folder. Next, select the "Deleted Items" folder.

Step 6: Click the "Delete" button again to permanently remove the emails from your "Deleted Items" folder, freeing up space in your mailbox.

Note: Please be informed that once you remove the emails from the Deleted Items, the system will take some to show actual space of your account.

Method 2: Direct File System Access (Advanced and Not Recommended unless experienced):

Deleting emails directly from the SmarterMail folder on a Windows server involves interacting with the file system. Please note that performing these actions directly on the server should be done carefully, as it directly affects email data. Ensure you have a backup of your email data before proceeding. Here's a detailed guide:

Step 1: Log in to the Windows server where SmarterMail is installed. You might need administrative privileges to perform these actions.

Step 2: Navigate to the directory where SmarterMail stores its email data. The typical path might resemble: C:\SmarterMail\Domains\[YourDomain]\Mail\[MailboxName]\[FolderName].

Step 3: Locate the specific mailbox and folder from which you want to delete the emails.

For example, if you wish to delete emails from the Inbox of a user named "Noel" in the domain "," the path could be: C:\SmarterMail\Domains\\Mail\Noel\Inbox.

Step 4: You'll find individual email files within the selected folder (e.g., Inbox). Carefully select the email files you want to delete and permanently remove them from the folder.

You can use the delete function or drag the emails to the Recycle Bin or use the "Delete" keyboard key to remove them.

Step 5: After deleting emails, consider restarting the SmarterMail service or relevant mail services for changes to take effect, ensuring the system recognizes the deleted emails.

Important Notes:

-> Manipulating files directly in the SmarterMail folder can lead to severe consequences if not done accurately.

-> Deleting emails via the file system bypasses safety measures and could cause data loss or system instability if not handled properly.

-> Using the SmarterMail web interface is the recommended and safer method to delete emails to ensure the process is managed securely and accurately without risking unintended data loss.

-> Always ensure you have a recent backup of your email data before performing any direct deletions in case of accidental deletion or data loss.


To ensure safety and prevent unintended data loss, it's generally recommended to delete emails using SmarterMail's web interface rather than directly manipulating files within the server. Always double-check before deleting emails to avoid removing important information accidentally.

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