How to Migrate Mails from SmarterMail to SmarterMail?


- If you have SSL or TLS configured on any ports, the certificate being used must be exported (containing the private key) from the original server's certificate store. After that, it needs to be imported into the new server's personal folder within the certificate store. 

- If Declude is being used on the original server, you will have to ensure the Declude service gets set up on the new server before the deployment. Failure to install the Declude service on the new server will result in all mail landing in the SmarterMail Spool's Proc folder and not being delivered.

Follow these steps to migrate a SmarterMail installation to a different server:

  • Install the same SmarterMail Build used on the old hardware on the new server. (NOTE: You can find Legacy Builds of SmarterMail within your account on the SmarterTools website.)
  • Stop the SmarterMail Service (MailService.exe) and any IIS sites/application pools on both servers.
  • Copy the Settings folder from your old server to your new one. By default that path will be C:\Program Files (x86)\SmarterTools\SmarterMail\Service\Settings. 
  • Copy the Domains folder from your old server to your new one. By default, the path will be C:\SmarterMail\Domains.
  • Start the SmarterMail service on the new server and any IIS sites/application pools as needed.
  • Log in and re-activate the software on the new server.
  • If you change the path to your domains, you must edit your domains.json file accordingly to reflect the new paths.
  • If your IP address or other DNS info changes, update the corresponding setting in SmarterMail and restart the SmarterMail Service (or reboot the server) to make the change effective.

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