How to add DKIM record on Windows server?

We will add the DKIM record as a TXT record in DNS. Please refer to the following steps to add the DKIM record on the Windows server. 

If you are referring to creating a DKIM record, you should first refer to the below articles.

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Here is an example of a DKIM record:

Record Name/DKIM Selector Record Fully Qualified Domain name Record Data
8D8xxxxxxxx4BF6 TXT 8D8xxxxxxxx4BF6._domainKey

If you have created the DKIM record in Smartermail, it should look as below.

1. Log in to your Windows server. Click on Start >> Windows Administrative Tools.

2. Click on DNS.

3. Inside the forward lookup zone, double-click on the domain for which you want to set the DKIM record. 

4. Right-click on the blank space where all the DNS records are added and click on the Other New Records.

5. From the drop-down, select Text (TXT) Record and click on the Create Record button. 

6. At first, Enter the record name. It should be like 8D8xxxxxxxx4BF6._domainKey, so your FQDN becomes Inside Text, enter the text record value. 

7. Once you add the record, click on the OK button and click on Done at Resource Record Type. 

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