How to set default DNS zone template in Plesk?

Plesk allows server admin and customer both to manage DNS settings. Suppose you need to add multiple domains daily. That means you need to add the DNS record for all the domains when you create it. You can use the Plesk DNS Zone template to overcome this issue of adding DNS records each time. DNS Zone template will populate the DNS record for every new domain added to Plesk. DNS zone template contains all the necessary DNS records for your domain. However, you can update your existing DNS record created using zone template anytime from DNS settings. 

  1. Log in to your Plesk Panel with the admin credentials.

  2. Click on Tools & Settings >> Inside General settings, click on DNS Template. 

  3. Ensure that you switch on the DNS Template. 

  4. Click on Add DNS Record button.

  5. On add resource page, enter your record one by one. 

  6. Once you add all the records, you will see the below screen. If you find any inappropriate record, you can select and click on remove to delete it. 

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