How to setup auto responder in Smartermail 16.x?

Please refer to the following steps to enable auto responder in Smartermail 16.x.

  1. Log in to your smartermail.

  2. Click on the domain name on which you want to set auto-responder.

  3. Click on the manage button and impersonate the user.

  4. Click on the user for which you want to set the auto-responder.

  5. Select the settings option from the domain settings option.

  6. Enter the subject line and text of your auto-reply and click on the Save button.

  7. In the options field, you can choose the time frame and message format for your autoresponder.
  • Limit response to Once daily: Check this option if you want to send only one auto response to the single email account once a day.

  • Only send between certain dates: Check this option to send auto-response between the selected dates from the date picker.

  • Message Format: Select the message format type. HTML or text formate.

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