How to start/stop and restart the IIS application pool for the domain in Plesk?

The IIS application pool uses to isolate one or more websites or applications into their process in IIS. Because of this separation, errors received in the one application pool can't affect other websites. In Plesk, we can assign a dedicated application pool for each website or share its application pool with a single user. There are two types of the IIS application pool.

  • Shared pool - All the users and websites use a single application pool.

  • Dedicated pool - By default, Plesk provides a separate application pool to each customer. Plesk also offers the option to allocate the application pool per-package.

  1. Log in to the Plesk Panel.

  2. Click on Websites & Domains. >> Dedicated IIS application pool for the website

  3. As mentioned in the below screen capture, you can click on the start button to start the IIS application pool, click on the Switch Off button to stop your IIS application pool. To restart the application pool, click on recycle button.

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