How to Setup Scheduled Tasks in Plesk?


In Plesk, the Task Scheduler is a feature that allows users to automate various tasks and actions on their hosting environment.

It enables the scheduling of recurring tasks or one-time actions, helping users automate essential processes. The Task Scheduler in Plesk provides a user-friendly interface for managing scheduled tasks without the need for manual intervention.

With the task scheduler in Plesk panel, we can do below:

1. Execute a command at a particular time intervals
2. Fetch URLs at a particular time intervals
3. Run/execute PHP scripts at a particular time intervals

Steps to create a scheduled task in Plesk:

Step-1: Login to Plesk panel.

Step-2: From the left-side menu, select the “Website and domains” menu.

Step-3: Click on “Scheduled Tasks” option from right side menu.

Step-4: Click on “Add Tasks

Step-5: On the “Schedule a Task” screen, in the “Task Type” screen, select the type of task that you wish to configure:

Choose “Run a command” to use commands those are recognized by the Windows Command Canter. In “Command” field, specify the command, as well as any other optional arguments in “with arguments” text box.

Choose “Fetch a URL” to get a URL with same functionality to the curl command. In the “URL” text box, mention the URL you wish to fetch.

Choose “Run a PHP script” to run the PHP scripts that are hosted on the server. In the “Script path” box, specify the path to that script file, as well as any optional arguments in the “with arguments” box. In the “Use PHP version” list box, select the PHP version you wish to execute the script with.

Step-6: Under the “Run” section, specify the time and frequency with which you wish to execute the scheduled task.

Step-7: In the “Description” box, add the note or a comment related to that scheduled task or leave the textbox as it is that is empty.

Step-8: Under the “Notify” section, Select how frequently you wish to receive the notifications in regards to the task.

Step-9: Click on “Run Now” button if scheduled task needs to be executed immediately.

Step-10: Click On “OK” to save the changes.


In this article, we have seen how to add a scheduler task in Plesk panel. The Task Scheduler in Plesk is a valuable tool for website owners to streamline their processes and reduce manual workload.

It enhances efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, minimizing the risk of human error, and ensuring that essential activities are performed regularly.

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