How to migrate cPanel accounts to Plesk using Plesk Migrator?

Recently, cPanel has increased its pricing and now they are offering the license on the basis of per cPanel account. Due to that, the cost of hosting on hosting multiple accounts on cPanel is going higher and people are now migrating their cPanel account to the alternative controlpanels like Plesk and DirectAdmin. 

Here, are the steps to migrate cPanel accounts to Plesk panel using the Plesk migrator tool.

  1.  Login to your Plesk Panel.

  2.  Click on Tools & Settings >> Migration & Transfer Manager

  3.  Click on Start a New Migration.

  4.  At  New migration page, select cPanel. In the Address, put the source server IP Address. Give the root username and password and click on Prepare Migration

  5.  Now, Plesk Migrator will fetch all the details from the source server. 

  6.  Select the below for the migration process at the next steps and click on the Migrate button.
  • Migrate by: We will migrate the data by subscription so we have selected that.
  • Subscriptions: Tick the subscription account in which you want to migrate it to your destination server. 
  • Content that must be transferred:Tick all 3 Migrate mail messages, Migrate website files, and Migrate database data (tables, rows, etc)


  1. You will find the below screen of migration status. 

  2. At the next screen, you will find that your subscription is migrated to Plesk Panel. If you have faced any issue during the migration, you can click on details and find the actual issue that Plesk has detected during the migration. You can fix that issue and start a new migration.

  3. In the end, click on the finish migration button to complete the migration process. Hit the Yes button if you don’t want to run any further migration from the same source account. 

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