Understand the load average in cPanel.

In this article, we will give you an in-depth explanation of the system load average in cPanel.

If you have Linux VPS with cPanel installed on it, you will notice the system load average on the left side corner of the WHM dashboard.

You can see the three numbers from left to right side display the average system load for the last one, five, and fifteen minutes.

load average

For example, if you see the load average of 0 which means a server with 1 core CPU is on the idle state. But if the server is running a single process with running wit 100% it will show 1.0 in load average. Similarly, if you have a 6 core CPU server and all the 6 cores are running processes with 100% then it will show the load average of 6.0.

AccuWebHosting node servers have multiple CPU cores, so if you see a high load average on your single-core CPU VPS or your reseller account, you don’t need to be concerned about it. For example, If you are seeing a load average of 4.65, 5.85, 6.00 on a server with a single CPU core using 100% of its capacity might indicate severe system overloading but it is completely normal with the server with 8 or more core CPU.

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