How to add a user and assign Roles in Plesk?

You can create additional users in Plesk Panel. These users can have customized Roles in Plesk. Once you create it, User can log in directly to Plesk also.

Following are the steps to add the user in Plesk.

  1. Login to Plesk with administrator credentials.

  2. Select Users >> User Accounts and click on Create User Accounts.

Plesk provides four Default Roles. You can also create a customized Role which is listed once you create a new user.

  • Administrator: To have Full access to Plesk.
  • Webmaster: To manage New User, DNS, mail, and FTP etc.
  • Application User:
  • Accountant:

  1. Regarding Subscription, select a required Domain name or select All to Allow access to all subscription.

  2. Click OK to add Users.

Edit an Existing User Role

Plesk allows you to edit the existing Roles from the User Role Option.

  1. Click on Required Role.

  2. Grant the Service access to that Role and click on Ok Button.

Create an Additional Administrator Account

  1. Go to Tools and Settings.

  2. Click on Additional Administrator Accounts and select Add Administrator Account.

  3. Enter Username and Password with Email etc.

  4. Hit Ok Button.

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