How to set Email Redirection/Forwarding in MailEnable?

Please refer to the following steps to set Email Redirection/Forwarding in MailEnable

  1. Open MailEnable and Select the required PostOffice.

  2. Expand the PostOffice and click on Mailboxes. It will show you all the email accounts.

  3. Right-click on the Mailbox on which you need to set the forwarding/redirection and Click on Properties.

  4. In User Properties, Click on Redirection. Tick the Redirect this email box to option.

  5. Click on the Add Button and Enter the email account on which you want to redirect your emails and Click on Ok.

    Note: You can redirect your emails to the multiple email account. You can enter those emails account as per no. (5)

  1. You can tick the Keep a copy of a message in Mailbox option to keep the original email in the MailBox.

  2. Click Apply and Ok.

You have successfully set an Email Redirection in Mail Enable.

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