How to take backup and restore the MSSQL/MySQL database in Plesk

This article will guide you how to restore and take backup of MSSQL/MySQL database in Plesk.

What is Import Dump / Export Dump in Plesk?

A database dump is a file containing a database structure and table content. You can use it for backup purposes. In earlier Plesk versions, dumps could be created only using database management tools. Now Plesk offers a quicker way to create database dumps, store them, and restore previously created dumps on the server. Database dumps are created in the SQL format and saved as ZIP archive files. If you need to create a dump in another format or to set custom settings for a dump, use the native functionality of database management tools like phpMyAdmin, myLittleAdmin etc.

In Plesk, to export a database dump means to save or backup a source database in a file which can be used for storage or distribution. To import a database dump means to restore data from the file to a destination database.

Below are the steps how to take backup and restore the MSSQL/MySQL database in Plesk control panel. This article is only applicable to Windows VPS customers.

  1. Login into Plesk Control Panel.

  2. You will see the Plesk Home screen. Click on the Database tab under your domain options pane.


    Now, you can perform the following steps in order to take the backup of the database of MSSQL from Plesk.

    1. Find the name of the database you wish to backup and click Export Dump from the options pane.


    2. A popup box will show you the directories inside your domain. Select the path where you wish to store the backup.


      If you wish to download the backup immediately, check Automatically download dump after creation option. Click OK to create the backup.

    3. We strongly recommend you to take the backup of your database on regular basis. Once your database backup has been created you will be given the option to download your backup. If you don't want to download at this time just click on Cancel button.


    Following are the steps how to restore a database of MSSQL from Plesk.

    1. You will see all the databases of your domain on this page. Click Import Dump option in the database tools pane.


    2. You will see the Import Database Dump box. You can choose from two options: Upload and Import.


    3. Once you select the database file, click OK to restore the database. Plesk will start the database restoration process and it will take a while(It depends on database file size).


      You can perform the same steps in order to restore / backup the database of MySQL from Plesk. There is one difference on Import Dump option which is Recreate the database. If you want to recreate a database instead overwriting existing database, you can check this option and click OK button.


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