How to allow Administrator login from a specific IP address in SmarterMail 16?

This article will help you how to allow administrator login from a specific IP address in SmarterMail 16

SmarterMail 16 has the ability to restrict system-level access to a single IP or a range of IP addresses for increased security. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing system settings and configurations by only allowing system administrators to log in from the specified IP addresses.

Following are the steps you should follow to accomplish this.

  1. Login into SmarterMail 16 dashboard with the domain administrator user.

  2. Click on Settings and select Administrators option from the left pane.


  3. Click on the admin user.


  4. Select Restrict login access by IP option. This will enable IP Restrictions + New Rule option, Click on it.


  5. Enter an IP address or range of IP addresses and add Description (optional). After then click on the Ok button. Here, we have used as an example.


  6. Once you click on the OK button, the IP address will be added in the IP Restrictions field. Click on the Save button to save the changes.


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