Configure WebsitePanel to automatically assign dedicated application pool when website is being created.

WebsitePanel enables you to assign separate application pool for each website you create. This feature is more useful when you want to isolate resource intensive websites affecting the performance of other websites. If you do not have WebsitePanel installed in your Windows VPS, you can assign a dedicated application pool to a website while creating it from the IIS itself.

  1. Login to WebsitePanel with serveradmin user.

    WebsitePanel Login Screen

  2. At lower right corner, Click on Policies.

    Select Policies Option

  3. Select Web Policy.

    Select Web Policy Option

  4. Select General Settings.

    Go to General Settings

  5. Locate Website Settings, check the checkbox Dedicated Application Pool and Click on Save.

    Tick Dedicated Application Pool Option

For existing websites

It's worth mentioning that by following above steps, only new websites will be added with their own application pool. If you wish to have your existing websites under dedicated application pool then you will need to take following extra steps.

  1. Make sure that dedicated application pool resource is enabled in the hosting plan being used by existing websites.

    Dedicated Application Pool

  2. Go to website settings page of all websites and press the Update button once.

    Update website

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