How to set up SmarterMail website in IIS server?

To setting up SmarterMail as an IIS website, you need following things to be installed in your Windows VPS:

  1. Latest .Net framework
  2. IIS server with Full Configurations
  3. SmarterMail

Following are steps to setting up SmarterMail as an IIS website:

  1. First you will need to disable the SmarterMail Web Server, for this perform below mentioned steps:

    • Open SmarterMail Web Server Config from Start → All Programs → SmarterMail → SmarterMail Web Server Config.

      Open SmarterMail Web Server Config

    • Click on the Stop button.

    • Change the Startup Mode from Automatic to Disabled.

    • Click on the Apply button and click the Close button.

      Disable SmarterMail Web Server

  2. Now you will need to add an Application Pool for SmarterMail, for this perform below mentioned steps:

    • Open IIS Manager from Start Menu → Administrative tools →  Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

    • Add Dedicated Application pool for SmarterMail. For this click on Application Pool from left pane of IIS Manager.

    • Now click on Add Application Pool… link from right pane of IIS Manager.

      Add Application Pool for SmarterMail Website

  3. Fill the following details in Add Application Pool dialogue box, as below:

    • Name: SmarterMail

    • .Net Framework version: Select Latest .Net Framework

    • Managed pipeline mode: Integrated

      Set ASP.Net Framework Version for Application Pool

  4. Now you will need to add SmarterMail website in IIS, for this perform below mentioned steps:

    • Right click on Sites option from left pane of IIS Manager.

    • Select Add Website option.

      Add a Website for SmarterMail

  5. Fill the following details details in Add Website dialogue box:

    • Site Name: SmarterMail

    • Application Pool: SmarterMail

    • Physical Path: MRS Folder of SmarterMail. Default location is “C:\Program Files (x86)\SmarterTools\SmarterMail\MRS”

    • Type: http

    • IP address: All Unassigned

    • Port: 9998

    • Check Start Web site immediately option

    • Click on “OK”

      Set Physical Path and Port-Bindings for SmarterMail Website

  6. Your SmarterMail is now integrated with IIS. Browse http://IP_Address:9998 from any browser to test that your SmarterMail is working properly or not.

Important IIS Settings:

To work your SmarterMail website from IIS Server, your IIS should be configured with following settings:

  1. Open IIS Manager and click on your Server Name.

    Open IIS Manager

  2. Under IIS group, open ISAPI and CGI Restrictions option.

  3. Verify that ASP .NET v4.0 is allowed. If it is Not-Allowed, right-click on ASP .NET v4.0 and select Allowed option.

    Allow ASP.Net Version 4.0 from ISAPI and CGI Restrictions

  4. In the tree view, click Sites.

  5. Expand SmarterMail site.

  6. Click App_Themes folder.

  7. Under IIS group, open HTTP Response Headers option.

    Select HTTP Response Headers Option

  8. Now, from Actions pane click on Set Common Headers link.

  9. Enable the Expire Web content setting.

  10. Click on After:

  11. Add 7 for the number of days.

  12. Click on OK.

    Set Common HTTP Response Headers

  13. Click on Application Pools in the tree view.

  14. Right click on the SmarterMail application pool and select Advanced Settings.

    Select Advanced Settings of Application Pool

  15. Under the Process Model heading, ensure the the Identity is set to the Network Service account.

    Select Network Service as Applicaton Pool Identity

  16. Now click on Start button and select Run.

  17. Type services.msc and hit enter.

  18. Check the World Wide Publishing Service is running.

    Check the Status of World Wide Web Publishing Service

Note: Kindly make sure following two things:

  1. SmarterMail Web Server Config service should be stopped and disabled.
  2. Port number[9998] to which we have assigned to SmarterMail should be opened in Server’s Firewall.

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