How to import SSL certificate in Windows server?

To import SSL Certificate in Windows Server, firstly, you need to export the SSL certificate. Click Here for steps to Export the SSL certificate from the Windows Server.

Following are the steps to Import an SSL Certificate in Windows Server:

1. Open IIS Manager.

2. Under IIS Area, double-click on the Server Certificates Option.

Select Server Certificates Option

3. Right Click in the blank area, choose the Import option OR from the Actions pane, and click on the Import link.

Click on Import Option

4. Now, you will see the Import Certificate dialog box; in the Certificate file(.pfx) text box, write the name of the file with the full path where you have stored your .pfx file, or you can also click on the (…) button and navigate to the path and select the filename for importing.

Certificate File and Password Information to Import

5. In the Password textbox, type the password you entered when exporting the certificate.

6. If you want to export the same certificate again from this server, mark Allow this certificate to be exported option; if you do not need to export this certificate again, unmark this option and click on the OK button.

7. Now, you should see a certificate with the same domain name.

Check SSL is Successfully Imported

  • Screen captures are taken from IIS8. IIS7 users will also get the same interface with a slight difference.
  • These steps can only be performed if you have Administrator access to your Windows VPS/Dedicated Server.

→ Looking to install SSL Certificate on your website in IIS? Please refer to SSL on IIS for more details.

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