now offers Softaculous to their VPS clients

When it comes to an Auto Installer script, we've seen big debats 'Softaculous over Fantastico’. As Softaculous is wrapping up most of the recent updates, it is gaining its priority not only among the webmasters as a consumers but also amidst the web hosting companies as providers. Fantastico has been around since a long time and was primarily the main choice of Web Hosting companies, but now Softaculous has emerged with some appealing features, better scripts and number of extended services. As a proclamation from Softaculous, they will continue adding some more software applications into their catalog. Currently, shared hosting owners are moving towards Softaculous on a very large scale.

Having such a large number of profits over other comparative scripts, AccuWebHosting has decided to offer Softaculous to their VPS clients at very affordable rates.

Let’s take a look at some of the lightening features of Softaculous:

  • Softaculous own more than 300 scripts whereas Fantastico has 50 scripts.
  • Softaculous keeps on adding new scripts, whereas Fantastico doesn't.
  • Softaculous has a very neat interface with category view.
  • Simple & User Friendly Interface.
  • Less time consuming Installation.
  • Ability to Import scripts which are already manually installed.
  • Ability to install Javascript Libraries.
  • Ability to take backup of applications.
  • Softaculous provides Demo of each script as well.
  • Overwrite option for already existing files.
  • Safe, Secure, Smart & Fast Installations.
  • Ratings, Reviews and Demos.
  • And much more... has also discontinued offering Fantastico to their new VPS customers. Please take a note here that we will continue offering support for all existing Fantastico installations.

You can check the detailed comparison from the below URL:

You can also catch out a live demo from the below mentioned URL:

So, true to our philosophy of running only the best software and giving our clients the best service out there we decided to switch over.
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