How to place an upgrade order from client area?

You can place an Upgrade order for any of your service from client area. If you do not know how to log in to client area, please follow these instructions. In case, you don't found the upgrade option in client area, you can just raise a support ticket and we will proceed for the upgrade order.

  1. Once you logged in, click on Services -> My Services tab

    My Services

  2. It will display all of your services with us. Click on View Details button of your desired service.

    View Details of a Service

  3. Now, click on Management Actions -> Upgrade/Downgrade option to place an upgrade order.

    Select Upgrade/Downgrade Option for a Product

  4. It will display the higher plans [based on the resources allocated to individual] to which you can upgrade your existing one. Click on Choose Product button of the service to which you want to upgrade your existing plan.

    Choose the Product for Upgrade

  5. Kindly verify the differential amount, select the payment method and click on Click to Continue button

    Place an Upgrade Order

  6. You have done with the order. Now, kindly make the payment and update us, so that we can proceed.

Note: The upgrade process of VPS might take 30-40 minutes and we need to take your VPS off line to upgrade the resources like RAM, HDD, vCPU, etc. Hence, after making the payment you are requested to update us with your convenient time [with time zone details], so that we can act accordingly. Moreover, in case, if we will not have enough resource available on our main node where your existing VPS is hosted, then we will have to migrate it to another server which takes 60-90 minutes. Please take a note of it.

→ Want to know how to pay an unpaid Invoice? Please refer to Pay Unpaid Invoice for more details.

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