Error: Specified FTP account already exists on the target service

Sometimes, it happens that if you try to create an FTP account from WebsitePanel, it shows an error as below:

Specified FTP account already exists on the target service

You are receiving this error because you have already tried to create an FTP account using the same username from WebsitePanel. To resolve this error please follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Login to your VPS via RDP.

  2. Open Server Manager [Start → right click on Computer → Manage].

    Open Server Manager

  3. Expand the Configuration tab, select the Local Users and Groups and double click on Users option.

    Go to Local Users and Groups, Search your FTP User and Remove it

  4. Here, you will find the FTP user for which you are receiving an error in WebsitePanel.

  5. Right click on that username and select Delete option to remove the user.

  6. Now, try to create an FTP account with the same username from WebsitePanel.

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