How to create RDP user from Windows VPS/Dedicated server?

Many Windows VPS/Dedicated server users are facing an issue with how to set up another RDP user for the server. This article will help to create a user for the server and assign RDP access permissions.

1. Log in to the server as an administrator. Please refer to how to connect VPS via RDP for more details.

2. Click on Server Manager from Start → Right-click Computer → Manage.

Open Server Manager

3. Expand the Server Manager window. Then, expand to Configuration → Local Users and Groups → Users.

Click on Users from Local Users and Groups Option

4. After that, right-click the Users option and select New User to create a new user for the server.

Click on New Users Option

5. Please enter all the required details like Username and Password. We recommend using a strong password, which will be a combination of numbers, special characters, and alphabets [in uppercase and lowercase].

In addition to this, you can select other required properties like User cannot change password to ensure that the password will not be changed. Password never expires to prevent being locked out of the server.

Fill Required Details to Create a New User

6. Now, click on Create button to create the user for your server.

7. As you need to use this user for RDP access, you need to add this user to the Remote Desktop Users group of the server. For that, right-click the new user e.g. ACCUTest [Configuration → Local Users and Groups → Users], and select Properties.

Go to Properties of Newly Created User

8. Click on the Member Of tab. Then, click on Add.

Go to Member Of tab and Click on Add Button

9. Click on Advanced.

Click on Advanced Button to Find the Groups

10. Click on Find Now and select the Remote Desktop Users option from the list and then click on OK.

Click on Find Now and Select Remote Desktop Users Group

11. You should now see the Remote Desktop Users group in the Member Of tab.

Click on Apply to Save the Changes

12. Click on the OK button to apply the changes.

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