Can I Host Unlimited Websites with Different Domains in Windows or Linux VPS hosting? There is no restriction on the total number of hosted domains on Windows VPS and Linux VPS... Can I Upgrade/Downgrade my Cloud VPS anytime? Yes, scalability is the main benefit of Cloud architecture. You can easily scale (upgrade or... Can I reboot my Cloud VPS from VPS Management Area? Yes, you can shutdown, start, unlock and rebuild your VPS from VPS Management Area. You should... Do you provide fully managed Cloud Server Hosting? Yes, AccuWebHosting.Com provides fully managed Cloud Server Hosting. Our services include Server... How Do I Point My Websites to VPS? This article will guide you to point your websites to VPS. You can point your websites to VPS in... How long does it take for a Cloud Server account to be set up? In an effort to protect our customers, we want to ensure that our clients are safe from... How to check bandwidth usage of Cloud VPS via OnApp? You can view your bandwidth usage by performing following steps: Login to OnApp control panel... How to enable MS SQL server access in php? The Microsoft Drivers for PHP are the PHP extensions that allows for reading and writing of SQL... How to force HTTPS from web.config file? The Microsoft URL Rewrite Module 2.0 for IIS 7 and above enables IIS administrators to create... How to login to VPS console via OnApp? Console means accessing the server using VNC or other way and get the access to the server. This... What Cloud technology does AccuWebHosting use? All Virtual Machines are created using OnApp Cloud Software. Get Windows Cloud VPS What Operating Systems can I run on my Cloud Server? CentOS - The power behind our Control Panel and Hypervisor. For Virtual Machines running in our... What is the MSSQL database edition offered with Cloud Server Hosting? We do offer MSSQL 2012, 2014, 2016,2017,2019 (Express Edition) for free of cost with all Cloud... What will happen if hardware fails? That is the beauty of cloud! As the architecture of the cloud network itself is based on... Which Email server do you install on Cloud Server? We will install and configured SmarterMail 15.x Pro - 250 email accounts License - $299.00 value... Which software can I install on a Cloud Server? Because a Cloud Server operates like a real dedicated server almost all applications can be... Will I get root access in Cloud VPS? Yes, you will have the root access to your Cloud VPS. Will internal traffic between two VPS viz. a Database Server and a Web Server be counted in my bandwidth usage? Yes it will. The traffic will be counted in the bandwidth usage of your VPS. Even if you use... Windows VPS Quick Start Guide WELCOME We have prepared this document to assist you in setting up your VPS in a...
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