AccuWebHosting Offers PHP 7 Hosting If you are following recent PHP developments, you must be aware of the latest PHP version (PHP 7)... Can I Host Unlimited Websites with Different Domains in Windows or Linux VPS hosting? There is no restriction on the total number of hosted domains on Windows VPS and Linux VPS... Can I purchase additional Microsoft SQL Server database disk space? Shared Hosting:For purchasing additional disk space for your Microsoft SQL database, please... Can I purchase additional RAM, Disk space and Bandwidth for VPS? Yes, you can purchase additional RAM(Our RAM Recommendation), DiskSpace, Bandwidth and vCPU... Can I upgrade my VPS plan without losing any data or settings? Yes, you can upgrade your existing VPS to higher plan anytime. Your data will remain intact. We... Do you support pop-before-smtp? Yes, POP-before-SMTP protocol is supported on all our Windows shared Hosting plans. Get... How Do I Check Bandwidth Utilization of VPS? Windows VPS To check/monitor usage of each Windows VPS, we have installed bandwidth meter tool... How do I connect Windows VPS using Remote Desktop from different operating systems? Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a protocol that allows users to access their Windows VPS... How to Disable LAN Sync Feature In Dropbox Client To Stop Unwanted UDP Traffic? Dropbox is an easy to use Cloud storage and File file-syncing Service. It allows you to share and... How to Manage Cloud VPS from OnApp VPS Management Panel? To manage Cloud VMs, AccuWebHosting offers OnApp Cloud VPS Management portal. Following article... How to force HTTPS from web.config file? The Microsoft URL Rewrite Module 2.0 for IIS 7 and above enables IIS administrators to create... In Classic Windows VPS plan, do we get latest version of SQL and Visual Studio installed? Also do we get latest .Net framework? While placing an order, you will get an option to select SQL server version and its edition.... Is HTML5 Supported in Your Servers? Since HTML content has nothing to do with the web server, there are no special requirements... Is it possible to take complete VPS backup in VPS itself? Please note that, there is no provision to take backup of full VPS image in VPS itself. As an... Is there any limitation in Table Numbers in Microsoft SQL Server database? Depending on SQL server edition and environment, there will be limitation. Please refer to the... On which platform Linux VPS are configured? We configure Linux VPS on XEN virtualization technique. However, Linux Cloud VPS are configured... What if I exceed the bandwidth limit I am assigned with VPS? Our system continually monitors the bandwidth usage of all our VPS. In case if your total monthly... Which virtualization technology does AccuWebHosting use for VPS Hosting service? We offer VPS Hosting with different virtualization technology. Here is the list of technologies... Windows VPS Quick Start Guide WELCOME We have prepared this document to assist you in setting up your VPS in a...
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