How to Log In to the VPS Console via OnApp?

“Console” means accessing the server using VNC or another way, and access the server. 

This article will assist you with the steps for logging in to the VPS console via OnApp: 

1. Log in to the OnApp control panel with the provided login details.

OnApp Login Control Panel Screen

2. After successful login, you will see your Dashboard.

3. Click on Virtual Machines from the left pane.

OnApp Dashboard

4. Click on your VPS label name, i.e.

Select Virtual Machines Option

5. From the Overview drop-down box, click on the Console option.

Select Console Option from Overview of VPS

6. A console will be displayed in the new window.

Acces Cloud VPS Console

This console can also be accessed for Linux Cloud. However, Linux Cloud users will get a terminal instead of a GUI.


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