Can I get phalcon module installed on my shared hosting product ? Unfortunately, we do not offer Phalcon PHP module on our shared hosting environment. However, it... Do you have any PHP reference materials OR code snippets? Please consider learning from various webresources like Get Windows VPS Hosting Do you offer IPv6 address?   We do provide the IPv6 address for our Dedicated server plans only at the non-US data center.... Everything you should know about DMARC protocol What is DMARC? DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is an... How To Fix The 502 Gateway Error? A gateway error occurs when you try to access a website that is either down or not properly... How to Make All .html Pages to Run as .php Files Using .htaccess? To make a .html file process as a . PHP file, We will have to make adjustments by adding a... How to add CNAME record in the Enom? A CNAME record is like a signpost that tells your domain's subdomains to go to other domains or... How to add DNS A, and TXT records through the Enom DNS management panel? Introduction Managing DNS rеcords is a crucial aspеct of wеbsitе administration, еnabling you to... How to resolve "Deceptive site ahead" message in browser? Generally, Deceptive site ahead message occurs while browsing the website on Google Chrome. It... Open relays in RBLs :: SPAM databases Open Relays in RBLs i.e. SPAM databases Open relays are email servers that are configured to... Web Hosting Glossary Active X Microsoft component standard. Customized class programming & reusability of... What Are The Impacts Of Ransomware? Ransomware is a type of malware/malicious software attack. It is created by attackers to get... What Is The Procedure To Remove the IP Address From RBL? Once you've verified that your server isn't sending spam, you must submit the IP removal request... What Is the UCEPROTECTL2 Blacklist? UCEProtect is a public DNSBL (DNS blacklist) that lists the IP addresses that send emails to... What are the locations of Datacenters? → Our Linux shared servers are located at the below locations. Data Center Locations IP... What is 504 Gateway Timeout Error and how to fix it? Introduction Thе HTTP 504 Gatеway Timеout sеrvеr еrror inform that, whilе functioning as a... What is Digital Wallet? A digital wallet is a software application that allows users to securely and conveniently store... What is PCI Compliance? PCI stands for Payment Card Industry. PCI Compliance is a set of standards and guidelines that... What is SMIME Certificate? What is SMIME Certificate? SMIME stands for Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. It... What is two layer DDoS protecton? The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model defines seven conceptual layers in a communications... Why my website is not working without WWW ? It is possible that a blank "A" record in the DNS zone file is missing. Please ensure that...
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