How to Change the Windows Server Password via Command using Net User? Print

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You can easily change the Windows user password using GUI.
Please refer to the article How to Change a Windows User Password using GUI? 

However, you can change the password faster using the Command Prompt's net user command using the following steps –  

1. Go to Start Menu and open Command Prompt as Administrator. 

2. You can list all of your users using the net user command.

net user

3. Select the username with which you want to change the password.

4. Run the command below, then replace your username and password with the username and password you want to set.


5. If your username is more than one word, you will need to add the inside quotes, as shown.


6. If you want to change the password and don't want people near you to view it and keep it private, you can use the command below. 

net user USERNAME *

Once you enter the password, it will ask you to enter it twice.
The command prompt will not show the password to anyone.

Following these steps, you can change the password of your user account using net user. 

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