How to Choose Forex VPS Based on Trading Terminals, EA, and Charts?

When you purchase a Forex VPS hosting plan, you can choose it as per the Trading Terminals, Expert Advisor (EA), Robots, and Charts you want to run the Forex hosting on. 

We have prepared a table for your reference that you can refer to select the optimum Forex VPS plan.

Forex VPS Plan Recommended number of MT4/MT5 terminals Recommended number of Expert Advisor (EA) Recommended number of Robots Recommended number of Charts Order Page
Forex VPS 1  1-4 MT4/MT5 1-4 1-4 1-4 Order Forex VPS 1
Forex VPS 2  5-6 MT4/MT5 5-6 5-6 5-6 Order Forex VPS 2
Forex VPS 3 7-8 MT4/MT5 7-8 7-8 7-8 Order Forex VPS 3
Forex VPS 4  8+ MT4/MT5 8+ 8+ 8+ Order Forex VPS 4

We suggest you use our Dedicated Server if you want to run more than 8 Forex terminals, EA, and Charts.

If you want to purchase a Forex VPS based on a latency test, please refer to our article on how to choose VPS based on latency for more details.


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