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Please refer to the following steps to setup SFTP on Windows Server 2016.

  1. At first, Download from

  2. Create a folder called OpenSSH-Win64 at location C:\Program Files (x86) and extract the downloaded file into it.

  3. Right-click and open the command prompt with admin credentials and run the below command.

    powershell.exe -file ”C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenSSH-Win64\install-sshd.ps1”

  4. Go to the services.msc >> Find OpenSSH Authentication Agent and OpenSSH SSH Server.

  5. Start both the service and change startup type from Manual to Automatic.

  6. Go to the path C:\ProgramData\ssh and open the sshd_config file, change the root directory to your path where you want to upload your files using SFTP.

  7. Create a user to login for FTP. Please refer to Create User > Windows 2016 to create a user.

  8. Provide the Read/Write folder permission to a newly created user and click on the OK button.

  9. Open your favorite FTP client. Here, we have used a Filezilla FTP client.

  10. Click on Site Manager and enter the below details and click on the connect button.
  • Host : Enter Server IP Address.
  • Port : 22.
  • Protocol, SFTP- SSH File transfer.
  • User : Enter Newly Created User.
  • Password : User Password.

  1. If there is a message that says Directory listing of "/" successful, it means FTP is working fine.

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