How does your MetaTrader 4/5 (MT4 or MT5 ) Software Automatically Start after a VPS Reboot?

By automatically starting the MetaTrader, you don’t need to login into your VPS and start your MT4/ MT5 instance again; it will be started automatically after a reboot. 

Please refer to the following steps to automatically set up MetaTrader 4 or 5 after a VPS reboot.

1. Log in to your Windows VPS.

2. Go to Start, then on Run, and type shell:common startup.

3. Click on the OK button

It will open the Startup dialogue box.

4. Right-click and select New >> Shortcut.

5. Click the Browse button, select metatrader5, and click on the Next button.

6. Give your shortcut name and click on the Finish button.

Now your VPS is rebooted, so when you start your Forex VPS, the Meta trader instance will be started automatically.


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