Can I Use Multiple Broker Accounts with a Single Forex VPS?

You can have any number of brokers/ accounts you want to run with a single Forex VPS plan. Sometimes, after running multiple MT4, EAs, etc., you may run short of resources on your Forex VPS. In that event, you can easily upgrade to the next plan or upgrade to a custom configuration; you need to upgrade RAM or CPU resources, and everything will run smoothly.

The option of custom configuration upgrade is only available for the Forex VPS, which is set up in Denver, New York (USA), or London (UK) locations. However, you can upgrade to the higher plan for other locations to run more MTs, EAs, and Charts on a single Forex VPS

Upgrading to the higher plan or custom configuration is easy and seamless. All the data and IP addresses will be retained, and there will be almost "zero" downtime. 

Click here to contact our support team for easy upgrade options.


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