How to setup Failure Settings for an Application Pool in IIS?

Rapid fail protection is an IIS feature that works with the health of worker processes of a website and web applications. There might be a few Worker processes in IIS which are failed. Fail protection can shutdown or restart the same worker process.

Following are the steps to configure Fail Protection on IIS Application Pool.

  1. Login to your server and open IIS (Internet Information Service).

  2. At Connection Pane, expand servername and click on Application Pool.

  3. Right Click on Application pool and click on Advanced Settings.

  4. Scroll Down the Advanced Settings and you will find an option called Rapid-Fail Protection.

  5. Here, you can set Rapid-Fail Protection value as per your requirement. Please note that the Minimum Failure Interval for the application will be 4 Minutes.

  6. Click on Ok button to save your settings.

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