How to add a new user account in Centos Web Panel? Print

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Following are the steps to add a user in Centos Web Panel

  1. Login to CWP.

  2. Expand User account >> Click on New Account. It will open a new account Dialog Box.

  1. Enter All below details and click on Create Button.

  • Domain name: Your Domain name

  • Username: Required Username

  • Password: Your Password Admin Email: Your Email account

  • Server IPs: Server Ip Address

  • Package: choose a package

  • Reseller: Tick if you want to make user as reseller

  • Inode: set ionde limit

  • Process limit: add the number of processes for an account

  • Open files: Limit number of open files for account

  • Additional Options: Select as per your requirement.


  1. Hit Create Button.

It will create a user account in CWP.

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