How to Generate CSR Key and install SSL Certificate from CWP? Print

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Following are the steps to generate CSR Key.

  1. Expand Security from the sidebar.

  2. Click on SSL Generator.

  1. Enter the below Details.

  • Common Name (Domain) : Enter your Domainname

  • Country Name (Code) : Enter 2 Digit Country Code

  • State Or Province Name : Enter State/Province Name

  • Locality Name (City) : Enter your City

  • Organization Name : OU Name

  • Organizational Unit Name : Enter OU Unit

  • Email Address : Enter Email Account

  • Valid Days (default 365) : Keep 365 Days as it is

  • Key Size : Generate 2048 bits CSR Key


  1. Click on SSL Generate Button. It will generate CSR and Private Key as below. Copy CSR and Private Key at Safer Place and use CSR to purchase SSL Certificate from SSL Vendor.

  2. Once you purchase SSL Certificate, Search and click on SSL Certificates from Navigation.

  3. At Module SSL Certificate, Click on Manual Install. Select User and Domain from DropDown. Selecting Domain will propagate Private Key automatically. Enter Certificate and CA Certificate in respective boxes and Hit Validate Certificate.

          SSL is installed on your Domain. You can verify it from a third party SSL checker tool.

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