How to Install MailEnable on Windows VPS?

Following are the steps to install MailEnable service on Windows VPS.

  1. Download the Mail Enable Installer from the URL

  2. Enter the Name and Company Name. Run the setup and Click Next.

  3. Select Webmail server, WebAdmin Service and Migration Center click Next.

  4. Keep the Default Destination folder as it is.

  5. Name of the Programme manager will remain the same as Mail enable and click Next.

  6. Enter the Fully Qualified Domain name (VPS Hostname) inside Domain name and DNS IP Address of your server. SMTP Port will be 25 or 587 and click Next.

  7. Click on Finish Button to complete the Installation.

  8. You are now at MailEnable Dashboard Page.

→ Looking to set up a webmail account in MailEnable? Please refer to the setup webmail for more details.

→ Looking to install SSL on MailEnable? Please refer to the install SSL for more details.

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