How to Remove/Uninstall Zabbix Agent from Windows and CentOS?

To remove the Zabbix Agent from Windows, follow the steps given below – 

1. Log in to the VPS using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Please refer to how to log in to VPS using RDP for more details. 

2. Open Command Prompt as administrator.

3. Enter the following command to open the Zabbix installation directory.

cd\Program Files\zabbix\bin\win64

4. You can enter the same path if you have installed Zabbix in Program Files (86). Here, we have installed it on the Programme file with 64 bits.

5. Run the command given below to uninstall the Zabbix service.

zabbix_agentd.exe --uninstall


6. Remove the "zabbix_agentd.conf" and "zabbix_agentd" files from the C Drive.

7. Remove the Zabbix folder from the path - C:\Program Files.

8. Delete the Zabbix agent from Zabbix Server.


Following are the steps to remove the Zabbix agent from CentOS.

1. Log in to the VPS using SSH. Please refer to connect VPS using SSH for more details.

2. Enter the following command in the terminal to uninstall the Zabbix agent from CentOS.

# yum remove zabbix-agent -y


3. We need to remove the Zabbix Directory. Type cd /etc/ in the terminal and click the Enter button.

4. Then, type the ls command to load all the foldersHere, you will find a folder named Zabbix.

5. Run the following command to remove the Zabbix folder.

# rm -rf zabbix


6. Next, go to the Zabbix server and delete the Zabbix Agent from it. That's all.

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