How to schedule reboot of windows server 2012?

This article has detailed steps to schedule a restart of your Windows VPS server 2008/2012. This can be achieved by just adding a task at task scheduler of your Windows VPS.

Please refer to the schedule reboot on windows server 2012.

  1. Login into your Window VPS remote desktop. Please refer to how to connect windows VPS using RDP for more details.

  2. Open Run prompt, type taskschd.msc, and click ok.

    Open task scheduler
  3. Now Go to Action >> Create task.

    Create Task

  4. set the name of your task and select the operating system of your windows vps from drop-down.

    General Settings
  5. Now Go to Trigger tab and schedule the time of reboot.

    Set triggers

  6. Now set the reboot action with adding command C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe with add argument /r and click ok.

    Set Action

That’s all. This VPS is now set to reboot every weekend.

→ Looking to set a scheduled task in SolidCP? Please refer to set scheduled task in solidcp for more details?

→ Looking to set a scheduled task in Plesk? Please refer to set scheduled task in plesk more details?

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