Fix cPanel Error - The Email Account Already Exists

Sometimes, you add an email account from cPanel and get an error message –

The Email Account Already Exists

cPanel Email Account Already Exists Error

Go through the existing email accounts list and ensure that the email account you are trying to add does not exist!

But why does the cPanel not allow adding a non-existing email account, and if it exists, why is it not showing up in the list?


  • As the error description implies, the first and apparent reason for this error is that you are attempting to add an existing email account.
  • The second reason is that you attempted to delete this email account earlier, which turned into an error; this removed that email account physically, but it left traces in the log and config files. 


To fix this, take the following steps – 

1. Log in to your Linux machine via SSH as a root user.

2. Navigate to the following path –  


3. Then locate and remove the email account folder in question.

4. Similarly, navigate to the following path, and open the passwd file with the editor of your choice.

5. Remove the email account entry from that file and save it.


> Facing an issue with the cPanel update?

   Please refer to cPanel > Rebuild RPM for more details.


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