How do I add client area sub contact?

You can add multiple administrative email accounts in the client area to manage your hosting account with AccuWebHosting. The secondary admin account is more helpful when you want to setup different email addresses for your employees or departments using the same hosting account.

1. Login to your client area. Click on your username and select the Contacts/Sub-Accounts option from the drop-down.

Add Sub Contact

2. In the next screen fill all the necessary details and assign the required privileges to a secondary account.

Add a Sub-Account in Your Billing Account

3. Check the Activate Sub-Account option to provide client-area access to this sub-account. After enabling this option, more options will be loaded on the same page. You can provide a password and manage other additional privileges from there.

Activate Sub-Account by Granting Permissions

4. You can also set Email Preferences as to which type of emails should be sent to this email address.

Set Email Preferences for a Sub-Account

5. After filling up the required details of the sub-account, click on the Save Changes button.

Forgot your client area password? Click this link to reset your password.


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