How to Configure Passive Port Range for the FTP Service in IIS? Print

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Following article will assist you to configure passive range for FTP service in IIS web server.

1. Go to IIS Manager. In the Connections pane, Click on the server tree.

2. Double-click the FTP Firewall Support icon.

Configure FTP Firewall Settings in IIS

3. Enter a range of values for the Data Channel Port Range. For Example Passive Port Range 10000 - 30000

Configure FTP Firewall Settings in IIS

4. Once you have entered the port range for your FTP service, click Apply in the Actions pane to save your configuration settings.


  • The valid range for ports is 1024 through 65535. (Ports from 1 through 1023 are reserved for use by system services.)

  • This port range will need to be added to the allowed settings for your firewall server.

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