Remotely Connect Windows VPS using an Android Device

This article explains the procedure to get the remote access to your Windows VPS over Android devices. Steps are as follows :

1) Download remote access application on your Android device from GooglePlaystore. We have mentioned the steps for application “Parallels 2X RDP”.

Download link: -


[Note:- It is recommended to get a compatible application from Google Playstore only.]


2) Once it's installed successfully, open & Click on add a connection.

3) Select Standard RDP.

4) Fill out the RDP login credential information as per following:

connection name (you can mention anything you like)

Server: IP address of your VPS

Port : portnumber(if you are using random port number)

Username : Administrator

Password : password


5) Now, press on the back button. It will redirect you to create connection screen. Select connection name, it will initiate a connection to your VPS.

In order to use keyboard mouse peripherals, use Action Bar from top on your phone/tablet screen.

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