Upgrade of Windows Server 2003 Standard to Windows Server 2008/2012 OS in the VPS

Windows Server 2003 OS is now out of the market and Microsoft will not release any new updates or security patches for this OS. Hence, we highly recommend all our clients (who are using this OS) to upgrade the OS to Windows Server 2008/2012. Unfortunately, in Windows Hyper-V servers it is not possible to upgrade an OS directly but to handle this upgrade process efficiently we are here giving you some guidelines ...

The standard work flow on "Upgrade of Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008/2012 OS":


Once you decide which plan will be suitable for your requirements, you can submit a support ticket with a request to upgrade the OS i.e from 2003 to 2008/2012.

Upon receiving your request, we will create a new VPS with a fresh installation of the Windows 2008/2012 OS and other additional components like SQL Server, Control panel, etc. (as per your request). Once your VPS is configured, we will provide you its login details at your registered email address.

If you are using a control panel in old VPS then first of all create all required users, domains, websites, databases, etc. on the new VPS.

Once these accounts are created, you can migrate all data from old VPS to new VPS. Here, the emails cannot be directly migrated, hence you will have to secure its backup at your local system by configuring any email client program. You can refer to our tutorial series for more help.

During this data transfer your old VPS will not be affected. All the services present on old VPS will run hasle free, hence do not worry about that.

Once you confirm that all your data have been transferred to the new VPS, we will move your old VPS IP address to the new VPS. In this way, you will no need to make any change in DNS records or any other IP related settings.

After the through testing of your data on new VPS, you can inform us to cancel your old VPS.

Important Notes:


    1. In order to upgrade to the Windows Server 2012 OS, we suggest you to first have a look at our plan recommendation for the Windows 2012 OS.
    2. Before you plan for this OS upgrade, we highly recommend you to make your applications, scripts, etc. compatible to run on new platform.
    3. We will not remove your old VPS until you confirm to cancel it though we recommend you to maintain one backup copy in your local system for all your VPS data.
    4. The process to upgrade an OS is not chargeable however, migration of the data is chargeable.
    5. We will migrate your data from old VPS to new VPS but it will be your responsibility to test everything on new VPS.


Following is the procedure of data migration:



If you want us to migrate your data from old VPS to new VPS then it will cost you additional $30/hour. We will send you an invoice based on the amount of data to be migrated to the new VPS and once the payment is entered we will start the migration process.

In order to start migration, we will need exact paths of directories/files that you want to migrate to new VPS. You will need to update us with the following details after making the payment:

      • Exact paths of files and folders
      • Number of the websites and the databases (MSSQL and MySQL)
      • Name and path of the websites
      • Name of the databases with their usernames and passwords
      • If you are using any third party software in your old VPS and want to set up it on new VPS then provide us the complete documentation
      • If you are using a control panel on old VPS and want to configure the same set up on new server then provide us the list of users, hosting plan names, domains, websites,

As we mentioned above, emails cannot be migrated hence you will have to secure all email accounts' backup at your local system. On new VPS, those emails cannot be imported.

Once we migrate all the data, we will inform you to verify at your end. Once you confirm, we will remove your old Windows VPS.

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