Default Files and Folders in WebsitePanel Account

While creating a new WebsitePanel account, you may find the following files and folders:

  1. wwwroot: To make your website publicly available over the internet, always upload your web pages and images into this folder.
  2. wwwroot/cgi-bin: It is recommended to keep your Perl and CGI script files in this folder.
  3. wwwroot/web.config: web.config file is settings and configuration file for an ASP.NET web applications. You will find this XML file in the root directory of your website or application.
  4. Logs: This folder is managed by the web server; it keeps your website log information, e.g., site visitors, FTP activity, etc. Do not delete this folder, as you may lose your web statistics.
  5. Data: This folder is useful for managing database files and particularly Microsoft Access database files. Always upload your database file into this folder.


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