How to Install Desktop Experience On Windows Server?

The Desktop Experience feature makes your Window VPS look like the local Windows 7 desktop. The Desktop Experience installs some useful components and features of Windows 7, such as Desktop themes, Disk Cleanup, Windows Media Player, Windows Defender, Snipping Tool, etc. Refer following steps if you want to enable these additional desktop features in your VPS:

For Windows Server 2008

1. Go to Start >> Administrative Tools >> Server Manager.

2. On the left side pane, click on Features. Under the Features Summary section, click on Add Features.

3. On the Select Features page, select the Desktop Experience check box.

Add Desktop Experience Windows Server 2008

4. Review the required features to be installed, click Add Required Features, and click Next.

5. On the Confirm Installation Selections page, ensure the Desktop Experience feature will be installed, and click Install.

Add Features Wizard

6. On the Installation Results page, you will be asked to reboot the server to finish the installation.

7. Just click Close, and click Yes to reboot the server.

8. Once the server restarts, log in to the server, and the server will finish the remaining installation steps.


For Windows Server 2012

1. Go to Start >> Administrative Tools >> Server Manager.

2. At Server Manager, click on Features.

3. In the Server Manager details pane, under Features Summary, click Add features.

4. This will start the Add Features Wizard.

Add Desktop Experience Windows Server 2012

5. Now, in the Features list, select Desktop Experience, and click Install.

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