Comparison of Classic VPS v/s SSD VPS v/s Cloud VPS

"What's the difference between Classic, Cloud, and SSD VPS plans" is the most common question we are asked when customers explore AccuWeb Hosting's VPS plans on our website. Therefore, we have compiled a comparison table of the important and most common differences between these plans. 

Service /
Hardware Option
Traditional/Classic VPS SSD VPS Cloud VPS
Operating System Updates Managed by client

Critical updates are installed by our team.

Non-critical updates upon client's request.

Managed by client
Troubleshooting VPS Server Issues Basic Support Fully Managed Basic Support
Port Speed 1 Gbps 1 Gbps 1 Gbps
VPS Monitoring Add-on Included Add-on
Storage RAID 10 Enterprise Grade Nimble SAN storage. RAID 6 Enterprise Grade SSD storage. SAN
Fault Tolerance The HDD has moving parts and magnetic platters. The SSD drive has no moving parts.
Almost negligible possibility of failures.
Cloud Hosting uses SAN storage and is redundant.
It offers 100% hardware uptime.
Complimentary Backups Included Included Included
Operating System Boot-Time Average bootup time is around 40 seconds. Average bootup time is around 22 seconds. Average bootup time is around 30 seconds.

Looking for the information on the comparison of HARD DRIVES v/s SSD DRIVES?
Please refer to Compare Hard-Drive for more details. 

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