Comparison of Virtual Private Server (VPS) V/s. Dedicated Server

VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting are the best options for small and medium businesses when Shared Hosting does not meet their requirements.


VPS Hosting:

VPS shares a single server resource among many users. VPS Hosting is like living in an apartment where you share land resources with neighbours. Many virtualization technologies are available to create VPSs, such as Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, Xen, Virtuozzo, etc. When you purchase a VPS, you will get virtualized resources like RAM, CPU, Disk, etc. Your server will have its operating system, and you can make the necessary configuration changes.

When any maintenance is performed on the primary server, all the VPSs hosted on that server have downtime.


Generally, VPS Hosting is used for:

  • Running websites with moderate traffic.
  • Dynamic sites with lots of images, databases or scripts.
  • A website that wants a unique Application Program to run.
  • Running 24x7 Game servers, Forex Applications, SEO Applications, Online Business Applications, etc.

Dedicated Server:

Dedicated Servers are the fastest and most powerful hosting option. They are like owning your own house, where you can access your land resources. In a Dedicated Server, hardware resources are not shared with any other user. RAM, HDD, Processor, and network access are 100% dedicated to a single server instead of being shared among multiple customers. 


Generally, Dedicated Server Hosting is used for:

  • Running websites with massive traffic.
  • Running ERP Applications.
  • Running big online Applications.
  • Running traffic Game Server.
  • Running own Hosting Company.

The Main Differences

The key differences of VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting are as follows:

Virtualization Technology

Many virtualisation technologies are available to create VPSs, such as Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, KVM, Xen, Virtuozzo, etc.

A dedicated Server is a separate physical server for which no virtualization technology is needed.


- Maintenance is usually scheduled every two months or based on the criticality of the patch release. Maintenance is expected during nightly hours and as per the convenience of the Hosting Provider.

- It is your Dedicated Server, and nobody else is sharing resources. So, maintenance can be scheduled at the Server Owner's convenience.


By default, AccuWeb Hosting offers a complimentary weekly backup that can be restored upon client request. Clients can also purchase paid backups daily, and file-level restoration is possible.

By default, we don't take backups of the Dedicated Server. However, you can purchase a paid backup option, and we will back up your server daily.


- Affordable

- Expensive

Storage Space

- Disk Space is limited compared to dedicated servers.

- Dedicated Server offers disk space in Terabytes (TB).


- Instant

- Requires time


- Easy and Fast with minimal downtime

- Time consuming



VPS and Dedicated Server have the following similarities:

Both the VPS and the Dedicated Server can be rebooted remotely when needed. However, for the hard reboot, you must contact your Hosting provider.

Both provide root/admin access to the server.

In both Hosting types, the user gets dedicated IP address and can configure their own DNS Server, Mail Server, Database Server, etc.

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