Comparison of Rapid SSL Certificate V/s. WildCard SSL Certificate V/s. Multi Domain SSL Certificate

  Rapid SSL Certificate Wild Card SSL Certificate Multi-Domain SSL Certificate
Number of domains covered Single Domain Certificate One Domain, along with all its subdomains Websites by including up to 100 domains within a single certificate
Example Secures any one domain
will not secure
Wild-card certificate for
* covers all its subdomains like;
Multi-Domain Certificate covers upto 100 different domains like;
Price $49.00 USD / year $175.00 USD / year $75.00 USD / year  (for first 3 domains)
$25.00 USD / year (for each addon domain)
IP address 1 dedicated IP address included
1 dedicated IP address included 1 dedicated IP address included

In case of a Multi-Domain SSL Certificate, if your web server does not support SNI-Server Name Indication (Apache versions from 1.3.0 to 2.2.11 and IIS 6.0, IIS 7.0, IIS 7.5), you will need to purchase additional IP addresses for each addon domain. An additional IP address will cost you $3.00 / month.

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