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Sessions are used to maintain a stateful HTTP connection. When session state is enabled for your application, a user receives a unique session ID on their first request to a Web page. Generally, this session expires if the user does not refresh or request a page within the specified time-out period. As per your site's requirement, you can increase or decrease this time-out value.

  1. Login to your VPS via RDP. Please refer to how to connect VPS using RDP for more details.

  2. Click on Start -> Administrative Tools -> IIS.

  3. Click on the website name and open ASP feature from IIS group.

    Select ASP Option from IIS
  4. Expand Session Properties under Services and as per requirement modify Time-Out value [Default Value is 00:20:00 (HH:MM:SS)].

    Set Session Time-out Limit

  5. From the Actions Pane, click on Apply link to save the changes.

Note: It is not recommended to set a large session timeout value for the Windows Hostingserver.

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